Superior Race Apes Club (SRAC)

Superior Race Apes Club (SRAC) is poised to revolutionize the Metaverse with an ambitious project, featuring 8000 unique 3D NFT characters under the token SRAC.

These characters will not only serve as avatars but will actively participate in a cutting-edge war game set to launch on 08/08/2024, promising numerous benefits and income streams.

In alignment with our commitment to transparency, we are establishing an official New York-based company. Upon achieving 120,000 ETH in sales, three lucky character owners will be rewarded with prestigious prizes— a Lamborghini Evoque, a Bentley Continental GT, and a Ferrari F8, distributed through a draw and a special ceremony.

Our interactive battle game, set to commence on 01/07/2024, will enable users to connect their wallets, engage in tournaments, and transfer NFTs for free in the spirit of fair play.

The SRAC token will be introduced to facilitate seamless in-game transactions, allowing users to acquire additional ammunition.

As the project gains momentum, reaching 100,000 ETH in sales, an exclusive concert accessible to all SRAC NFT holders will be organized, with expenses covered by the project team.

Early supporters contributing to the project's success will receive a set of branded gifts when sales reach 10,000 ETH.

In the second phase, our community-driven decision-making process will guide the evolution of SRAC characters, unlocking new features and capabilities.

Beyond the digital realm, our commitment extends to philanthropy, with plans to liberate animals from zoos worldwide and support various animal welfare organizations.

Our project unfolds in three distinct phases, marked by sales events on 02/02/2024, 03/03/2024, and 04/04/2024, each offering unique opportunities and value propositions.

Join us as we redefine the Metaverse landscape and embark on a journey where innovation meets philanthropy.

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