How It Works?

Unveiling the SRAC Experience

  1. NFT Character Acquisition:

    • Users acquire unique 3D NFT characters under the SRAC token through sales events on 02/02/2024, 03/03/2024, and 04/04/2024.

    • Each character serves as more than an avatar, becoming a dynamic participant in the SRAC war game.

  2. Metaverse Gaming:

    • Characters actively engage in a meticulously designed war game launching on 08/08/2024, unfolding across six maps.

    • Gaming enthusiasts experience a seamless blend of NFT ownership and immersive gameplay, where characters fight for victory.

  3. Official Company Presence:

    • SRAC establishes an official company in New York, ensuring transparency and credibility in all operations.

  4. Exclusive Rewards:

    • Upon reaching 120,000 ETH in sales, three lucky character owners receive prestigious rewards: Lamborghini Evoque, Bentley Continental GT, and Ferrari F8.

  5. Interactive Battle Game:

    • Users connect their wallets to engage in tournaments and experience the thrill of live gaming.

    • Winners seamlessly receive NFTs from defeated opponents, fostering a fair and interactive gaming environment.

  6. SRAC Token Utility:

    • The introduction of the SRAC token facilitates in-game transactions, allowing users to acquire additional ammunition and enhance their gaming experience.

  7. Metaverse Expansion:

    • SRAC expands beyond gaming, acquiring virtual lands from renowned providers like Decentraland and Sandbox.

    • These virtual lands serve as the foundation for the establishment of captivating entertainment centers within the Metaverse.

  8. Community Engagement Events:

    • As sales reach 100,000 ETH, a grand concert is organized for all SRAC NFT holders, with the project team covering transportation and accommodation expenses.

    • Early supporters contributing at 10,000 ETH receive a set of branded gifts as a token of appreciation.

  9. Character Evolution:

    • In the second phase, SRAC characters undergo evolution based on community decisions, acquiring new features and capabilities.

  10. Philanthropic Mission:

    • Beyond the digital realm, SRAC commits to philanthropy, aiming to liberate animals from global zoos and support various animal welfare organizations.

  11. Phased Rollout:

    • The project unfolds in three distinct phases, offering unique opportunities for engagement and participation in sales events on 02/02/2024, 03/03/2024, and 04/04/2024.

Superior Race Apes Club is not just a gaming experience; it's a multifaceted journey where NFT ownership, gaming, and community converge in the dynamic landscape of the Metaverse.

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