Superior Race Apes Club Roadmap: Navigating the Metaverse Journey

Phase 1: Foundation (Q1 2024 - Q2 2024)

  • February 2024: Initial Character Sale (02/02/2024)

    • Launch of the project with the sale of 3000 unique 3D NFT characters at a minting cost of 0.005 ETH per character.

    • Establishment of the foundational community and introduction to the SRAC ecosystem.

  • March 2024: Second Character Sale (03/03/2024)

    • Continued growth with the sale of an additional 3000 characters, featuring a higher minting cost of 0.05 ETH per character.

    • Community engagement events and early supporter appreciation.

  • April 2024: Limited Edition Character Sale (04/04/2024)

    • Culmination of the initial phase with the sale of 1000 limited edition characters, each priced at 0.2 ETH.

    • Introduction of scarcity and exclusivity to the SRAC NFT collection.

Phase 2: Evolution and Expansion (Q3 2024 - Q4 2024)

  • July 2024: Game On - Interactive War Game Launch (01/07/2024)

    • Unveiling of the highly anticipated war game, where NFT characters actively participate in battles across six different maps.

    • Commencement of the interactive gaming experience, allowing users to connect wallets and engage in tournaments.

  • August 2024: Character Evolution and Mutations

    • Community-driven decisions lead to the evolution of SRAC characters, introducing new features and capabilities.

    • The Metaverse witnesses the transformation of characters as they adapt to the evolving preferences of the community.

  • September 2024: Metaverse Expansion

    • Acquisition of virtual lands from platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox for the establishment of entertainment centers within the Metaverse.

    • Expansion beyond gaming, creating immersive experiences for SRAC community members.

Phase 3: Rewards and Beyond (2025 Onwards)

  • Beyond 100,000 ETH in Sales: Grand Concert and Rewards

    • Organization of a grand concert for all SRAC NFT holders, with expenses covered by the project team.

    • Distribution of exclusive rewards to early supporters contributing at the 10,000 ETH milestone.

  • Continuous Community Engagement and Governance

    • Ongoing community events, tournaments, and engagement initiatives to foster a vibrant and active SRAC community.

    • Potential integration of $SRAC token governance mechanisms, allowing community members to influence the project's direction.

  • Philanthropic Initiatives and Global Impact

    • Implementation of the philanthropic mission, focusing on the liberation of animals from global zoos and support for animal welfare organizations.

    • Making a positive impact beyond the digital realm and contributing to global initiatives.

The Superior Race Apes Club roadmap outlines a strategic journey, from the establishment of the project to the evolution of characters, Metaverse expansion, and a commitment to community engagement and philanthropy. Each phase is a stepping stone toward creating a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem within the Metaverse.

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